From B.E.S.T. in Sports to B.E.S.T. for Life

From B.E.S.T. in Sports to B.E.S.T. for Life - Our Worldwide Social&Environmental Commitment!

Welcome to our website. This is new, modern designed website aimed to served not only members federations, but be helpful for all our visitors around the globe. We show to the world our organization nature and our result oriented working culture focused on social involvement/ responsibility. We represent under IATWS patronage, the new model of leaderships in the challenge world – “From B.E.S.T. in Sport to B.E.S.T.  for Life”. 

The International Association is new modern, integrative, dynamic, developing organization, which leading new generation of International sport federation / association takes social responsibility, with due attention to youth. IBWA&IATWS became integrative part from modern society and play key roles in the society for social-economic development, cultural heritage promotion, environmental sustainability, healthy lifestyle and peace building process.

We reorganize our worldwide projects in triple system: “Play for Peace” (Peace education, Peace building, Peace promotion); “Play for Planet” (Clean soil, Clean water, Clean air/sky); “Play for Life” (Healthy individual); Healthy lifestyle, Healthy nation).

Recalling Joint Statement by Head of UN Entities for IYY under the theme “Dialogue and Mutual Understanding we decide to contribute our experience and base on our Youth program create “Play for Fun” division, which will include: “Youth Leaderships”, “Youth Network”, “Youth Wing”.

All our initiative are worldwide call to action, join us, together we have the power to change the world!!! We are coming with green management system, 100% financial visibility and 100% personal responsibility!!! Do you want to change the world?  Do you want to be a leader? If yes, your place with us!



Acting President